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About us
SOURCE:    |    AUTHOR:    |    TIME:2016-01-07
      Hubei Gabrielle-Optech Co., Ltd. (HGO) was founded in December 2009 and settled in Zigui, relying on professional and technical personnel. Perfect market system, flexible capital operation and logistics support and other advantages of convenience, HGO started mass production in October 2010. Currently, the production area covers over 8,000 sqm and there are 4 production lines for optical glass and 4 lines for crystal glass. According to the development plans, another 10 production lines of optical glass will be built in the second phase project. The company will have 18 full-fused glass kiln production lines to produce 15,000 tons of glass crystal crafts, 5,000 tons of new environmentally friendly optical glass, 2,000 tons of rare lanthanum optical glass. HGO is striving hard for being a world top brand and for rewarding the society a colorful life.
     Based on the existing technology and the leading products, our company focused on the market trend and development so as to enrich product diversification, to improve the technological sophistication, and to determine the company’s future development. The research and development of crown series, Flint series, lanthanide series and other new materials identified as the optical glass is the short-term goal of the company and the long-term goal being producing related hi-tech optical products. Our products are widely used in cameras, binoculars, projectors, DVD, digital TV, etc. as a core component of downstream products, and play an important role in key functions of information collection, transmission, storage, transformation, display performance.
     With a capacity over 2,000 tons of high-quality crystal craft glass, our company occupies more than 30% market share, and ranks the first in the domestic market. And the sales network covers both the mainland and the global markets. Sales outlets, with a total area of 5,000 sqm have been set in Pujiang, Jiangsu Province, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province and Baoying, Zhejiang Province.