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Preliminary Research on School-Enterprise Cooperation Activities in Three Gorges University
SOURCE:    |    AUTHOR:    |    TIME:2015-03-25

On the afternoon of March 24, 2015, Secretary Tang, Dean Yang, Professor Sun Yihua and Professor Sun Xiaohua of the School of Materials and Chemical Engineering of Three Gorges University visited the company to carry out preliminary research on school-enterprise cooperation activities between the two sides. Vice President Wu Linhai and Assistant General Manager Wang Xingkuan accompanied the investigation.

Six members of the delegation visited the first, second and third workshops of the production department, the second workshop of the production department under construction, the apartment for college students and the comprehensive building of the company. During this period, General Wu introduced the company's development plan, products, market and technology in an all-round way. During the symposium, the two sides had in-depth exchanges of cooperation intentions, formed a unified opinion on how to build a cooperation platform, carry out cooperation matters and exchange of personnel and equipment, and planned to carry out specific work such as patent protection, testing equipment sharing, new project development, in order to create a joint laboratory between schools and enterprises, doctoral workstation for this year's annual plan. The cooperation between the two sides is planned to move forward step by step from easy to difficult, from shallow to deep, so as to put the production, learning and research of school-enterprise cooperation into practice and achieve win-win situation between the two sides.

The next step is to sign cooperation agreements with the Three Gorges University, and each work will be carried out one by one in the near future. To carry out this cooperation has laid a new foundation for the company's technological research and development, achievement transformation and other work, and will promote the company to a new goal.