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Partnership formed with Changchun University
SOURCE:    |    AUTHOR:    |    TIME:2011-05-30

    April 30, 2011, Changchun Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, Dean of the potential segment, party secretary of the criminal Shi-jun, Professor, Hu Chenggang line in Zigui, accompanied by Vice-Mayor Song Jianhua, the company Hubei Ge Bijia Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. conducted field visits, listened to Ge Bijia Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Shen Yu Lin, general manager of production on the company's current presentation and the next five years of development goals.Segment's potential line of Ge Bijia importance to technological innovation, and take the path of the development of school-enterprise cooperation appreciated.

    30 at Royal Hotel in Zigui held a school-enterprise cooperation signing ceremony, Secretary for Science and Technology by the Zigui Liu Fang chaired the county by the Information Bureau, Investment Promotion, Development and Reform Bureau and other relevant leaders attended the signing ceremony.The two sides signed include school-enterprise cooperation, practice and scholarship base three cooperation agreements. Agreed between the parties: the next five years, Changchun Institute of Technology to assist companies to do the preparation of Ge Bijia business development and business development plan to guide the implementation of the Ge Bijia high-tech projects and business needs of technical problems and actively organize R & D achievements into force and technical research in support of technological innovation.Help Gebi Jia solve industrial optimization constraints of industrial development in key technologies and common technologies and business processes of specific technical and management issues, the Changchun University of Science and Engineering and technological achievements in the limited available to enterprises and industrial transformation .Providing technical consulting, technical training and vocational skills appraisal.Priority for the Ge Bijia provide outstanding graduates, recommended companies need talent, with Ge Bijia targeted students.

    Ge Bijia annual batches of inorganic metals and other professional organizations, students 20-30 people to my internship.Provide practice teaching base, and provide students with the necessary work during the internship period labor supplies and practical tools and information needed, equipment and working conditions.Annually to the Changchun University of inorganic non-metallic materials and other related professionals to provide scholarships to full-time undergraduate entrance examination (First Prize 2: 5000 yuan / person Four Second Prize: 3500 yuan / person Four Third Prize: 1500 yuan / people).

    The two sides in a warm applause and flowers in the successful completion of the signing ceremony, Song Jianhua, deputy magistrate made a final summary statement, congratulated the Ge Bijia Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. and Changchun Polytechnic University-enterprise cooperation signing ceremony of the school success, and hope that both schools and enterprises In co-operation on the road farther and farther.

    The signing marks the successful school-enterprise cooperation will play a national company based educational practice, the Institute of R & D base, optical glass testing center has taken a solid first step.In line with the requirements of the development of innovative technology companies, give full play to their strengths, the spirit of complementary advantages, mutual benefit, mutual support and common development, production and the formation of university, academic, research and development, innovation and integrated model, will be my company has always insisted on development.